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While Bastion is a truly great and useful player to have on your team, he does have a long list of counters.

A good defensive player knows the maps well and camps not for killing enemies but keeps the.
Many players ignored the payload and tried to kill everyone.

Players need to be patient if they wish to reach elevated levels in the sport.
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Climbing in Overwatch may seem to be a difficult task for majority of players.
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Genji players had a tendency to be lone wolves but use an in-game prompt to ask for healing even when it would be difficult or hardly necessary, to the point where it's easy to find any artwork of the cyborg ninja with an I need healing” quote close by. Players in all tiers make these jokes in-game, which again shows how much technical fans and story fans start to adopt each other's interests and styles.

This depth is what attracts players that crave competition and involving gameplay.

The Pulse Bomb can also be stuck to players, so do not throw it out wildly as this gives enemies the opportunity to see the bomb and run away (it takes a few seconds to donate once it has been thrown.
He is not a standard ‘stand and plant' type of Tank - it is easier to move around (unpredictably) so Hanzo cannot kill him with 2 arrow shots (yep, that's all it takes for a skilled Hanzo player).
Reaper has a 1 star difficulty, meaning if you're a new player, he is one of the easiest characters to master.

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A combination (or using one or the other, it's player preference) of Stealth and the Translocator means that Sombra can act as a scout, which is partially useful going against a Defensive team or simply running into enemy fire.

As mentioned, Sombra has a powerful hacking ability which she can use on the field, meaning she can hack other players.

Once Doomfist lands on the ground, he is also able to use his other abilities, meaning he can string a good combo to potentially kill lower-health players.